Friday, January 6, 2012

The mischievous student I had...

This was the first post i ever tried when i was just learning bit on posting articles or my write up on the blog. I am still not sure of how to go about to be a good blogger but before i just start with my new write up i thought to give an edition to my incomplete write up where i didn't know about it myself that i even had such post. When i started with this article the first thing the that struck my mind was about the boy who was in my class, grade five, back in the year 2011.
To talk bit about his background, he was from Paro and he was from a broken family. As much as i knew about him he was looked after by his uncle who is a monk in one of the shedra located in Paro. "My uncle is a very strict man and makes me study some holy book during the winter. He even let me do some works and if i do any mischievous work then i get beating with the stem of the tree which is very painful" that is what he said when i just casually asked about his uncle.He is even looked after by his mother whom i never talked too. His uncle makes a frequent visit to school to meet his nephew and ask the class teacher and subject teacher to beat him well if he doesn't listen. As a student he was quite okay in study but was very naughty and always heard teacher complaining of him. "I don't know what should i do with this boy. He is not paying attention as well as disturbing others too. Uff this boy i wish if he was admitted to another school" was the comments i hear from teacher mates when they really got fussed up with him. The boy was called "Psycho" by all other students. And i guess he even didn't as such have a best friend rather he would jump into everybody's group no matter elder or younger than him.
Well I was teaching English in class five. There were 30 students out of which he was also one of my student. Getting attention of all the students used to be very difficult only because of  that particular boy that i described. When every one used to seriously pay attention to what i taught or explained, he would suddenly crack a joke in between or disturb someone who would then start complaining. Oh my god...i cannot just tell him how naughty he was and how in attentive he was in the class. There was no strategies i didn't use with him to at least change him a bit. Sometimes i felt he is having some mental problems too and that's why his friends call him as Psycho. He is not that bad in study but he never listens nor follow any of the instruction given. So for all this i even tried to punish him but still no change. I even called him and tried to counsel or be polite with him but still no change. If i be frank to him, he mimics it or replies by making fun of it. In this case what action of mine is going to help him out???????? I used to question myself lot. One evening i just brought my daughter to school where i met him on the way. I told him she is like a younger sister, so can you look for a while when i just go to toilet and come back. He agreed to it and mean time i was back from the toilet i saw he was talking to my daughter and gave her one sweet too. By then i knew he do have a feelings and sentiments. So the next day i tried to be friendly with him, talked about the difficulties he was facing in any subjects, bit on his family etc.. we had good time together. Here after i have rarely observed those misbehaving problems with him.
One day i found out from one of the teacher saying that the boy said, " I am now a good friend with madam karma." I was wondering why he said that but on other hand i was feeling happy thinking that now i could give my best to all my students without any disturbances. Lately it came to my mind that my little bit of extra concern, care and interest to talk about his personal life brought that change in his mind. For now when i edit this article and write about him, he is in different school in grade seven with whom i still have the contact and do ask him about his study, his friends and teachers in his school. I felt this things makes him feel better and so he do respond to me positively. But one thing i am still not contended about is why is he behaving in the way the teacher consider too naughty. I was done with my subject but what about with other subjects. All i could say about the boy was may be he was excluded from the family love and care when he needed and was never taught about the things the parents teaches to their children. Lately he had someone in his life to take good care and to have its effect on him but i guess he needs time. I just hope when he grows up, some day he might think back of school days and judge himself.