Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My daughter's 4th year birthday

Tomorrow is my daughter, Pema Yangki Dorji, so called Olivia's birthday and again I am missing there. It really aches my heart but got nothing better to do than write something for her which will be memo when she grows up. This time what sadden me most is even her papa won't be there since he also left for the study. Now she must be wondering why the hell papa and mummy need to study when they already have a job and earning. This was the same question raised by my students back in school when I went for data collection last summer. To them I could explain why it was important to study further and its value but to her I may not be able to explain nor she will be able understand it. For one day I am sure that you will understand why we left you.
Tomorrow she will be four year old and I wish her all the happiness and goodness in life ahead, good health and determination in what ever she does. We are truly blessed to have her in our family. Pema is first grand daughter in her papa's family and the youngest in my family. She is very talkative within the family but not outspoken with people outside which worries me sometimes. I want her to be outspoken person so that when she grow up she can  stand to share her views and thoughts without any hesitation or fear and most probably so that she will share everything with me. I want to develop a kind of friendship relationship with her instead of sharing relationship of a mother and daughter. I want to be her best friend. Her granny will be celebrating her birthday in the best and small way she could. I know she is much excited of celebrating her birthday because by now she know what birthday means and even knows to sing a proper birthday greeting song. So on this very special day I want her to know that though we are not together nor there to wish but our good wishes and blessing shall always be with you every time. And I also want her to know that she is the best gift I ever had and best feeling I ever felt after her birth. With her I got additional beautiful relationship to cherish in my life. We will soon be together and have good days of togetherness that we missed... Love you dear and be blessed. 
The journey of you, me and we.. :)