Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Unexpected yet it happened.....Liebster Award

Wow an award....breath taking though I don't get to hold on to it nor need to stand for the photography with that award but it has its own qualities that takes my breath off. Actually when I went through some of the blog which wrote about this award it said that whoever is nominated for that award should have more than 200 write ups or 3000 readers (not very sure) but something like that I guess which actually I don't fall in neither of the criteria but while I thought about it, the moment I saw the comment in my blog I thought I was actually encouraged to write more and more. The following questions were asked to me by Mr.Tshewang whom I haven't met yet heard more about him from the friends in Rangsit and the professor here. We don't know each other yet I am much thankful to him not only because he nominated me for the award but every time I could look upon him to seek help while I am writing my thesis here. Thank you sir.

1.Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging when my Samsung tab got destructed. Haha...It may sound funny but it is since I used to everyday before going to bed, I used type in a memo note for my daughter. This memo notes was dedicated to my daughter after I left here with my parents to pursue my study in Bangkok. I wanted to save all those memo notes for here till she reached the age of being able to read on her own but unlucky I was that before I could save those file my tab got destroyed.  
Actually my blogging credits indeed goes to many people.  Sir Passang (Passu Diary) where nobody can deny on he being an active blogger. I heard about him through my colleagues since I know not him personally but thanks to social websites that I added him in my Facebook. One day I saw one of his blog post in Facebook and I read. It was good and then I came to knew about blogging. So I dropped him a message asking about how do I create my own blog. He did helped me by providing me steps to how to go about and so did I but still wasn't so clear. Next I got help from Dumcho sir who is also another active blogger. Finally I was on my way to blogging but couldn't be an active blogger. 

2.Write one reason why you like teaching profession.
I like teaching profession because I get to learn and unlearn. Learn what I don't know from everyone and unlearn myself from my own experience and reflection. 

3. Tell one thing that you wish to change in the Bhutanese education system?

One thing that I wish to change in Bhutanese education system is not to bar the qualified students for higher studies. This issue has recently been uploaded by Sir Passang in Facebook. Before that it did happen with one of my teacher colleague's daughter who qualified for higher studies with very good marks but was not admitted in government school due to her parents census problems. I may not understand or know less of law related to issue concerning of census but if that is the case what about the dedication her father who is a teacher and serving the government school for the past 23 years means? It is not I want the Education system to change but to review on it.

4. How do you relate the benefits of blogging to teaching?

Well I relate teaching and blogging as keeping ones professional alive in form of writing. As I said I started blogging to store my memories in form of writing, this writing is actually what my professional demands. It demands me as a teacher to be a good reader, good writer and having updated knowledge. In a means blogging improve myself to write better by putting my thoughts into writings and accelerate myself to be good reader too.

 5. Do you encourage your students to blog?
For now I haven't suggested idea of blogging to any of my students since I did learn about blogging after I cam for study but if got an opportunity I will surely encourage my students to start blogging since I feel its similar to maintaining of portfolio. So if they are exposed to blogging I guess it will not only improve the standard of writing but they would inculcate the value of appreciating self and others. 

6. Your favorite movie.
Since I just reading books by Nicolas Spark, my favorite movie is Message in a bottle which is melodramatic and of-course romantic too. The best part I like are the letters that are found in the bottles thrown in the shores. 
7. Where is your favorite place in Bhutan?
No favorite place as such for now since I loved all the places I have been since my family has always been there with me. 

8. Name one thing you cannot live without.
It should obviously be water. I cannot just imagine my life without it. When I just go through the clips of desert area people suffering for drop of water I consider myself the very lucky person to be born in peaceful country. 
 9. Describe yourself in one word.
Emotional......Haha..Actually I am and I need no reasons or occasion to drain out my tears, get easily touched or happy in every small things and even get hurts for small things too. So I am very very emotional. 

10. Your favorite sport.  

11. Ngaja or Suja?
Both because I become an adjustable person since I got married. My husband loves drinking suja whereas I didn't much prefer but now I am adjustable to both. 

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  1. Firstly, I would like to thank you for a couple of reasons. Firstly, for accepting the nomination. Secondly, for being the first to respond from among the others I have nominated.

    I really enjoyed reading your answers to my (relatively difficult) questions. It was nice to know about how you ventured into blogging and who stands as inspiration behind your blogging journey. It was also nice to know that you dedicate your blog to your beloved daughter.

    I also enjoyed reading the responses to the questions that pertained to education system, teaching and learning. And I second your opinions.

    Although I am not as good a blogger as others, I thank you once again for taking time to respond to my questions. Oh yeah! How is your research going? Don't hesitate to discuss with me.

    Regards and keep blogging.