Monday, November 25, 2013

Freedom of Speech

Ha..ha...I cannot hold and control myself from laughing when I witnessed the incident I am going to share. On 19th of November I went to Asian Institute of Technology where there are many students from different countries beside Asian students studying in that institute. I was suppose to reach that place at 3 pm but I reached there by 1:45 pm. I had more than an hour to spare where I didn't know what to do. Luckily I had a booklet and a pen and the idea that moment struck my mind was to write something for my Blog to post. I was sitting under a canopy infront of seven-eleven, a mart busy with people. Suddenly I heard a guy using slang that usually Bhutanese use in frustration. Without turning back I knew he was a Bhutanese.
The day before back to my room I was talking to my friend about having heard Bhutanese students studying in that institute but I was saying to them that I never came across any one since I frequently went to that place. It was like my word being heard by god and god proved there are Bhutanese studying. Ha..ha..It was funny that when I really came across Bhutanese there, I heard their words first rather than visually knowing them. I just didn't turn and minded my own business but again someone from the roadway sitting on cycle called the boy with his name. Oh infact there were really more than one Bhutanese I found. The boys who could be of my brothers age just went to talk to the another guy (Bhutanese) at my back. They started there conversation with a trip to Puket, a famous tourism attracting center where they were talking of hotty girls found there. That was nothing surprising to hear but the every sentences he ended was always with the so called Bhutanese article "DHA" and so on. I just held my pen in my hands pretending to write but my ears were just being too sensitive to listen what were they talking since the group of guys didn't notice another Bhutanese (me) sitting there.
The boy who started the sentences with slang and who ended with the Bhutanese article were saying to his other friends about the parcel he got from his parents where he said he had koka, Maggi and green chilies. So he was asking his friend to get it from his room and was also suggesting to prepare curry with those chilies and having fun together. One thing that stroked me was the overwhelming heart of Bhutanese wherever we reside in any corner of the country. The boy was kind at heart and had the sense of belonging to eachother when they were away from their home, family and country as he  thought of sharing it with his friends which is a part of GNH but his conversation with those articles and slang reminded me of my friend in my university who always says "Freedom of speech" where we have the freedom to use any words in our conversation since the people here won't understand and so do we don't understand them. The boys conversation could have been manner less or weird if it was back to Bhutan and I guess nor the boy would have used since everybody would understand but he really did have the freedom here.
 He just went on with his conversation and even talked about the unpredictable weather of Bangkok.It was true I guess since it was a bright sunny day and I was enjoying to sneak my ears in their talk which is a bad manner too but I had fun since those boys didn't know a Bhutanese sitting right infront of them and how they would feel if they knew I was just listening to their talk and if they reflect on the words they used. But the unpredictable weather as said suddenly rained and I just had to run off from there with even a greeting. If it really didn't rain also I don't think I will be able to greet them nor would poke in their conversation since I was enjoying listening to freedom they used. 


  1. Hearing such story is not surprising to me, hehe. I usually end up using the same. That is my signature word that closes every sentence.
    Keep writing.
    Good luck.

  2. Awoooo....Its fine here but back in country no good but I enjoyed the incident. ha..ha...

  3. Madam,
    I have nominated you for Liebster Blog Award. Please check my post.