Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"WHY" Generation turned out to be "Y" Generation

It was curriculum management and Evaluation class by Aj. Boonsiri who has a very best explanations to fewer slides she presents in the class. The class had a discussion on why curriculum need changes and in such discussion came up on Y- generation. "Y- Generation????" Sounded like "why" generation to me and  thought that "why" generation" because the young today has so much of questions and curiosity to learn and explore but it wasn't as I thought. It was generation Y. The term was something I never heard of except in the Alphabets and had no idea until the Aj. displayed the picture that I have here. That was something our parents in Bhutanese society don't want their children to be but the generation are so much carried out that they just can't turn off. As we talked bit on it in the class I was kind of curious or thought of what is so special or could be characteristics of generation Y that it also got appealing picture with its caption GENERATION-Y.So I typed in "Google Rinpoche" (even this term has a story behind) of generation-Y and what I found is there was different category of generations like Generation-X, Generation - Y and Generation - Z. That was something funny I never learnt about and that further let me check out the difference into those generations. Therefore my conclusion drawn from those three generations are: Generation X are those people born between the year approximately from 1961 to 1981  and whose world view is based on change,  a generation in search of human dignity and individual freedom, the need for stability, love, tolerance and family matters lot. Generation Y are those born between the year early 1980's to early 2000. Those generation are said to be materialistic, lazy, switches from job to job, less emphasis on intrinsic values like self acceptance and community, open minded, confident, self expressive and receptive to new ideas and ways of living. Generation Z are basically the present type of generation where it is said that they will contribute to the economy of country and society since they are said to be born with complete technology. They are born with PC, mobile phones, gaming device, internet etc..and they won't know how to work without the technology. This generation would prefer to be with electronic indoor than going outdoor for play but sometimes the negative impacts like sedentary life styles and not being bothered of privacy and private information is all that bothers a lot. So in my opinion I can say that presently we have less of generation X (approx.30%) and more of generation of Y (40%) and generation Z (30%). Our country, coming up youth are not that explored to internet applications and the strong cultural values ,they are yet to come up with generation Z but if in case of Bangkok where I am presently studying I must say almost 80 of people are generation Z and the rest generation Y since none would fall in generation X. The people here are so advanced with the use of internet, its any type of application ( good and bad purpose) and all. I must say it was a fun to know about those generations.

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