Saturday, November 2, 2013

FUN....FUN...bowling at Siam Paragon

"United we stand, divided we fall" was what I guess the rule of bowling game is. After watching the game I felt though the game was represented by group but individual point counts for self not for the group.We don't have as such facility to play this game in our country but we accepted to play when our group was asked to join the play organized by university in Siam Paragon located in the heart of Bangkok. I have never played this game nor got an opportunity to touch those balls and I guess it was the first time hand on experience for our master's group. We were in total 10 of us which consisted of 5 senior master teachers who would soon graduate and our current 5 master teachers who still has more than a year to go for graduating. So we represent masters group of Bhutan from our university and three of our gents were participating rest were to cheer them up since we could picturesque our group to be a laughing stock for a reason not knowing how to play. I don't have any idea on its rules and best technique to play except that I saw how the bowler releases the ball to hit the ten pins in the television. We had bowling game on 19th of October and on that day we started our journey in a cab around 7:30 am. We reached Siam Paragon at 9:00 and registered ourselves and got a T-shirt which was sponsored by True move company I guess. As we got inside the room it was great to see the bowling balls with different weight arranged so perfectly and the place readily set up for the match. I just happened to lift the ball to see its weight but I just found too heavy for self to lift with one hand and the three holes on the ball was too small to take out my fingers back once I insert it in the holes. There were almost nine teams of different faculty from the same university. The guys took turns to play the bowling game and we were cheering them up. They played well with getting chance to play again and again as they were getting good practice. My friend and I pop up in the middle to take their turn to play since we wanted to experience it and guess where did the ball hit? I threw the ball worried that I might slip on that floor and rolled the ball along the lane without hitting any of the pin. Our group just laughed and enjoyed the game their and was fun to be part of it. 
 To get back into the history of bowling, the bowling game is dated back to Ancient Egypt and Roman Empire time. It is said they used to toss stones objects as close as possible to the other stones. The first standardized rules for pin were established in New York City in 1895. Today the game is enjoyed in more than ninety countries by 95 million people since it has its health and psychological benefits too. It is said that bowling is like an aerobic type of physical exercise, similar to walking and free weights. It helps to burn calories and work muscles groups which are not usually exercised. It can be even played by elderly people since some games are not meant for them.  It also has psychological benefit by getting to make new friends,   and strengthening the friendship by socializing. 

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  1. Seems like you had a grand celebration there. Nice recreation.