Sunday, September 29, 2013

The merit of shift in class....

It was unexpected dinner invitation by one of our Ajern who teaches us Instructional design and development and who is our course director too. I must say our group is lucky enough to have a caring and very much concerned lady. Sometimes it sounds too noisy for us when she says a lot to us but if thought properly she is taking care of us as we never expect to take care of us unless the stranger is your family or friends and more over the lady is of not our country rather of different nationality. So we can never expect such care and concern for us as she do. It is not that her dinner invitation has changed my thought but she really is very caring and over whelming at heart. Sometimes it is difficult to understand her but the result of whatever she says or does is for the benefit of us. We actually have class with her on every Thursday from morning 9 to evening 4 but she could not take the whole day and took the remaining 3 hours of classes today.She postponed the Thursday morning class for Friday afternoon. We had discussion on instructional model we learnt in the previous class with some presentation of what we have understood. After the lesson was over she always make an effort of switching her role from class instructor to course director since she was attached to five of us. She keeps on asking us about our research topic and what we have thought about bla bla....Ufff  thinking on research topic really gets on to my nerves and want to walk away but i know i have to do it.
Today after the discussion and all the required inquiry was over she invited us for the dinner with her. We couldn't resist to say yes discussed and thought we will have french fry rather than any other food but had meeting to attend too. Since we wanted to go for it we requested the coordinator to spare us and said will join later for the meeting. We agreed to our Ajern's invitation and went out for dinner with  some groups of Thai students who was also doing the masters programme too. We didn't know where were we would be going but I just had the nausea feeling of getting into taxi which is filled with smell of AC or gas they use  for car instead of fuel. Any way I just kept my mouth shut and was excited to go out for french fry and MC Donald. The dinner was just 2 km away from our university in a place called Maung-Ake where it was also market day today.There were 14 of us all together.
Vigorously enjoyed the dinner.... 
Poor Fish on menu

Ops! I was sad thinking that I won't enjoy the dinner but I had very great dinner and evening out which was filled with laugh and talks with those group of Thai students who was in-fact very keen to be friends and know about our country. Sometime it was hard to understand the Thai friends but our dear Ajern was there to translate on what they were trying to say. There was lot on menu and we ordered different dishes to try out. All in all it was a great dinner though it wasn't the place I expected but was awesome. Thanking our Ajern and all the friends for making it a memorable one for me.

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