Sunday, September 22, 2013

Birthday live from Facebook.....

When I write this article, my daughter's birthday has already been celebrated but I really had a moment of it stored in my phone memo which I am just reprinting it in my blog.  Passang sir (Passu diary), a good and a frequent writer in blogger's world just suggested me that keeping my moment of words in blog can reduce the space occupied in my phone memory which is really true. So it is just a moment I have here in my blog. Well it was my daughter's 3rd year birthday on 4th September where I really missed being with her. She really wanted me to be with her but it isn't that easy for me to take a route all the way from Bangkok to Bhutan since it means a lot for fellow like us. I know when I say it means a lot, people might think money is nothing if we weigh it to the happiness but we live in reality not in fantasy and in reality money means a lot. So I just feel ashamed of myself for not being able to fulfill my daughter's wish on her birthday.
I did celebrate 2 years of her birthday but that time she really didn't know the true essence of birthday party rather it was like a get together for an adults for instance. After her journey from two year till the third year she have learnt so much that now she really knows the enjoyment of birthday party and the love of receiving gifts on birthday. So one question my daughter would always have is  "When is my birthday?" and one song she sings frequently is "Happy birthday to Pema" and finally when that day came I am not with her. Presently she is with my parents at Paro and her papa is also away from her since he too needs to go to work and managing the kid alone isn't an easy task. So we had no option rather than keeping her with her grandparents who just love her as much as we do but kid they don't understand. They have a notion that they are always meant to be with their parents not knowing even their grandparents can love them as much as parents do. 
My main intention of this write up is to thank the man behind who invented the computer or laptop, man who invented the webcam and speaker in PC and the man who created face book for they were all the factors that lead me to watch the live birthday celebration of my daughter getting 3 years old. It was just a different feeling for me to see them celebrate it. I could feel my own absences their with my daughter but I feel at least contended that I was blessed to to see things happening in front of me. Every little things done for the celebration I could witness. I was so excited and waiting for so long to see it as if the people awaits for world cup live but for me it was much more important than world cup.  Her papa who loves her the most did leave all his work to make her day all the way from Punakha to Paro and he does make his frequent visit to our daughter that landed to best use of his 10 days casual leave.Through the video chat I could see my family decorating for her birthday party where our dear ones were invited. I could see my daughter dressed up for her birthday which I sent it from here and herself preparing for the reception of gift for her birthday. She was so excited for it and I could hear giggles and screams when she was playing with her first cousin. All in all it was an excitement she waited for so long I guess after being away from her mama and papa.When I just saw my daughter cut her cake my eyes was filled with tears and what made it more difficult was when she extended her hand with a piece of cake towards me saying "Yae mummy". It was an like unexpected thing my daughter did and I was like..... I didn't know how to react. I was shedding tears but my my lips gave smile.I am glad that her grand parents is always their for her who is sacrificing all their best to keep her engaged and feelings of being away from parents. It is also a confession to my daughter for I and my study may be the reason for she being away from her parents when she need the most. 


  1. 4th September is always there once in every year. Celebrate next year with your beautiful angel and handsome genie.

    Hahaa.....keep upadating. Let Kinley hear the lyrics of this painful song.

    I share the same grief lol.
    Nice posting

  2. Dumcho sir i wish if i could but i am very unfortunate that next year also i will be missing her birthday too....