Sunday, November 10, 2013

Love story…yet un-proposed

For it was not into my ears you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lip you kissed, but my soul” and this is how our love story began. Back in the year 2007, when I just joined Samtse college of Education after a year of apprenticeship, I had my dreams and expectation as I entered the college gate. That time, he was in his final year and would be soon placed in schools as per the placement order. I never knew if I would even fall in love with a guy who was just the opposite of me. I talk too much but he doesn't like talking, I was outgoing but he wasn't, I loved jamming up but he doesn't  Still, there was one thing common between us and I think that is what brought us together, we both like was the basket ball match.
I don’t remember the date when I first saw you because I never expected you to come in my life. However, I can clearly remember how we first met in the computer lab which was packed with students “you were holding a thumb drive in your hand to check your assignment before you printed out for submission.” I now realize, why among many of the student present there I let you to use the computer that I was using even when I had work to do. I just took it lightly and I shared about it to my friend. She then started to tease me saying, “Karma trying to flirt huh?” I said, no I am not I just let him to use first as he was in need and moreover he was senior. I also remember telling my friend that it was a respect I showed to him. The topic was closed. After that I didn't see him as we were in different building and moreover didn't know him well as I don’t have clear image of him. The next time I saw him, he was there  in the basket ball court as an official for the match  but had no conversation since I wasn't sure of it whether it was really him or not. The third time, I saw him; he was again there in the basketball court playing with his friends. The days passed by and then I never saw him.
One day it so happened that our fate again brought us together. We again met during the dinner and I remember having our dinner on the same table.  I knew one of his friends as I call him ‘Aue’ and we all sat together and shared the table.  I was so busy eating and talking that I almost forgot to notice you. But your silence made me to have a glance at you. After the dinner, we just had a walk down the Chorten and came back. All the way, you didn't speak a word but just listened. So, I just initiated to talk to you, some casual talk and then we left for our own hostels. The next day we met again but just smiled and went away. By the time we knew eachother and talked I knew that your class was just near our hostel and whenever we passed by for our classes I use to see you on the railings or under the tree with your friends. Soon the frequency of meeting increased through that aue and I found my feeling developing towards you.
One night, I just thought by myself, “Why I feel something special for him when I just don’t know much about him nor we had a same taste.”  I ignored my feeling and I didn't even talk about it to my friend. One day our class had girls volley ball competition where I was also participating. I saw his friends cheering but didn't see him around. After the match was over those aue who were in his friends, started to tease me with him. I just accepted it as a joke for that moment but next day again one of the aue came to me and asked “Am I in relationship with him?” I replied “No, we are not having any serious relationship.” Again the aue said “but I heard kinley (He) saying that two of you are in relationship.” Still I took it as a joke but lately I started to think of it and felt like I was drowning in love and was thinking it couldn't be one sided or is he also feeling the same way; or is it just to tease me? These were the questions that kept on ringing my ears bit I could not stop thinking about him. On 2nd may he went to represent the college for basketball match with college of science and Technology and our college was celebrating teacher’s day. I felt the day so gloomy. Though I was with my friends, yet, I felt his absence. Knowing that he would be back only by evening still I found myself  stretching out and my eyes trying to find him .That time I realized that missing someone and not being able to see your loved one is the worst feeling ever.

The night, on teacher’s day we went for dinner and I was again stretching my neck to see if I could find him in the crowd and yes I did find him but he was just back from the match. I just asked him, if he would come for the dinner and he responded saying yeah he would. I just waited for him to change and come back but he didn't turn up. I couldn't give my friends a strong good reason for waiting near by the dining hall instead of moving ahead for dinner.  The night passed with strong waves of feeling inside me and so many questions on my lips. The last week after I waited for him we never met until the next week, we just went for a walk on the lonely road on Saturday where we again talked so casually about the studies, matches he played etc….we were just trying to act normal. I don’t remember a time where we poured out our feeling to eachother. Every time we meet, we talk about the day’s event. Still then I got as happy as I just needed a time to be by his side. By the time we came back from that walk I wondered how were we able to hold each other’s hands when we didn't express our feeling. He neither proposed me nor shared his feelings but then we started holding our hands.  We were couple by then, and that is how we started our strange lover story on May 13th, 2007. Thereafter, it we started seeing each other frequently, had our meals together and were most of the time together. We have our meals together, we went for shopping together and most of the time would be listening to the wind that blows around us and just enjoy each other’s company. So within that period of time, we came to know more about each other. A love story which happened without having to propose but we just knew and felt, we were both in love.  The best love story is when you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. So it did happen to me and I am happy that fate bought us together for we are happily married with the God’s most beautiful gift to us. Our love is made eternal through our beautiful daughter. I learnt that. To be in love, it is not necessary to propose or say those three beautiful words, we just need to feel it.

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